Exclusive First Look: 200 Central Avenue Updated Renderings

Exclusive First Look: 200 Central Avenue Updated Renderings
June 5, 2016 TCYIMBY Editorial Team

Here is an exclusive look at the latest renderings for the 200 Central Ave 40 story condo tower being proposed by Alatus. These renderings include updates to the project which were proposed by the Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) staff when the project was recommended for Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) approval. Even with these changes, the project is still facing opposition from neighbors and the HPC.

As presented, this project will continue the mix of new quality buildings in the area, scattered within the old historic charm of the existing buildings. This creates an eclectic mix of buildings which truly make the neighborhood unique.  There are currently 24+ story high-rises within the same neighborhood and historic district.  Those towers have hulking podiums which fail to activate the street in a way that positively impacts the overall pedestrian experience. By contrast, the 200 Central project utilizes a small foot print with lots of street level activity which will lend to a pedestrian friendly environment for the area.

A project of this size can also bring many more residents to the area which can only increase foot traffic and help support area businesses in this historic neighborhood. Another key to this development is the quality of construction being presented. Instead of a standard low-quality 6 story stick built apartment building which has been the trend in Minneapolis, this sleek, tall glass tower produced by a developer with a history of quality construction will serve as a new standard for the area and the city as a whole. Alatus has proven their qualifications with recent projects such as the Latitude 45 project on Washington Ave, and the complete remodel of Block E into Mayo Clinic Square.

Minneapolis is in an era where creating density is key to creating a livable environment to help the community grow and thrive.  Doing this with a high quality project, such as proposed by Alatus, is what will help the city continue its growth.

Please help the TCYIMBY movement and voice your approval for this project at the next City of Minneapolis Zoning and Planning Committee meeting.  This will take place Thursday, June 9th at 9:30am at Minneapolis City Hall in the Council Chambers, room 317. If you are unable to attend, please consider expressing your support in writing to third ward representation Jacob Frey (jacob.frey@minneapolismn.gov) or the CPED staff member assigned to this project, Janelle Widmeier (janelle.widmeier@minneapolismn.gov).

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