First Look At The Maytag Building in North Loop

First Look At The Maytag Building in North Loop
January 8, 2016 TCYIMBY Editorial Team

A small twin cities developer, Saturday Properties, lead by veteran developer Brent Rogers is redeveloping the old Gardner Hardward building in the North Loop.

The Star Tribune had much of the report.

A small Twin Cities development company has plans to buy the former Gardner Hardware building in the North Loop of Minneapolis and turn it into office and restaurant space.

The buyer, Saturday Properties, has a purchase agreement with property owner Gardner Hardware and expects to close on the sale by April.

Saturday Properties, Brent Rogers’ new solo venture, may be less than a year old, but Rogers is well established in the Twin Cities real estate scene. He gained experience in North Loop development as the former co-owner and president of Greco Properties, LLC.

The developer is not taking on this project alone though. The purchase is a joint venture with New York-based investor Vor Development, which has secured the capital for the $10-12 million renovation. The purchase

price was not disclosed.

Here are some photos of

the project from Saturday Properties.







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