New MSP Innovation District Would Create National Standard for City Building

New MSP Innovation District Would Create National Standard for City Building
July 28, 2015 TCYIMBY Editorial Team

The Green Line could find itself as an integral part of an Innovation District with the goal of forming a national standard for city building. The overall vision for the “University Avenue Innovation District” seeks to bring life sciences and IT startup clusters together connected by woonerf-like streets that would vastly expand University of Minnesota lab facilities, dense, live-work-play developments that spur further transit investments and draw ambitious people from across Minneapolis/St. Paul and beyond; shared energy allocation, water management and parking facilities for thousands of residents and workers; bustling breweries, inspiring pocket parks, and vastly improved pedestrian and bike connections throughout.

This all may sound like a progressive urbanist’s pipe dream, but the Prospect North Partnership is getting serious about implementing this vision for the Green Line corridor between the University of Minnesota and Highway 280. The overall district would also cover parts of Prospect Park in Minneapolis and St. Anthony Park in St. Paul.

“With the opening of the Green Line and continued growth at the U, the University Avenue Innovation District (UAID) area is going to develop and fill in one way or another,” says Prospect Park 2020 principal and local architect Dick Gilyard, an early UAID booster who remains central to the planning and implementation processes. “Local stakeholders are asking, ‘Is development going to happen to us, or are we going to shape what’s planned and built?’”

You can read more about this developing project at The Line.


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