The Commons at Penn Avenue is New Home for Wirth Cooperative Grocery

The Commons at Penn Avenue is New Home for Wirth Cooperative Grocery
June 12, 2015 TCYIMBY Editorial Team

With nearly 7 years of focused campaigning the Wirth Cooperative Grocery has selected The Commons at Penn Avenue, a new mixed-use development by the Minneapolis company Building Blocks, as it’s debut location.

The Commons, which is currently under construction and should be complete in December, will house the 4,600 square foot store on the ground floor with hopes to be open in January 2016.

Although the co-op has a $500,000 federal grant for construction costs, the board is still soliciting members and raising money for the project.  Full project costs are still to be determined.

The store, once opened, will focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats which are not readily available in the North Minneapolis area which has been classified as a food desert by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The product mix will not be completely organic serving a mix of 60 percent conventional produce to 40 percent of organic.

Handling the construction for both the development and the store are Watson-Forsberg of Minneapolis and LHB Corporation of Minneapolis leading the design.


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