The Green Line’s New $54 Million Development Kicks Off

The Green Line’s New $54 Million Development Kicks Off
June 22, 2015 TCYIMBY Editorial Team

Flaherty and Collins Properties, a developer out of Indianapolis, will officially begin work on a $54 million housing and retail development this week. The project will be located on University Avenue, near St. Paul’s Westgate light rail station.

The project will include 248 apartments and about 3,000 square feet of retail space. At the moment it is one of the largest development projects yet to come along the Green Line which connects Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown centers. The Pioneer Press released additional details of the 2700 University project. The project is the sort of venture that city and state officials were hoping for when they elected to locate the line along University Avenue instead of I-94.

Officials had been worried when developers weren’t rushing in immediately which also prompted some worries with other businesses located along the line. But upon the line’s one year anniversary, things are looking up.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal had an article on the project proposal back in April. Minneapolis based design and architecture firm, UrbanWorks Architecture is designing the building.


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